MICAH SOLOMON is a highly accomplished, two-time bestselling author and self-made entrepreneur. The Financial Post calls him the “new guru of customer service excellence.” He will captivate every member of your audience with actionable insights, inspiration, and next steps to take.

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You need a speaker who will help your business grow. Micah Solomon is the trusted, cutting-edge keynote speaker who will help you grow your business—and your long-term profitability—by transforming your relationship with customers to mirror today’s changing realities and opportunities

Micah offers keynote speeches, half-day workshops, and remote webinars on several valuable topics:

In High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service, based on his latest bestseller, Micah Solomon explains how to build customers for life in this age of social media, self-service, global competition, and endless distractions. This keynote (also available as a workshop) includes hands-on experience, best practices, and culture-building insight from Apple, Google, The Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, USAA Insurance, Four Seasons, and more.

In his Marketing on a Digital Island presentation, Solomon explains how to harvest the value of customer loyalty in a world where everyone knows everyone—online and off. Solomon explains why old-school marketing has lost its power, then guides his audiences into taking advantage of the connectivity revolution, allowing them to spark a great and profitable) conversation about their brands.

In his classic keynote, Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, Micah reveals the secrets of building a truly five-star customer service organization. This keynote includes the classic tenets—delivered in a very practical manner—of hospitality, service, and building a culture to support them. Based on the #1 bestselling book Micah wrote in collaboration with the creators of the modern-day Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

Finally, Solomon is now offering his unique The Heart of Hospitality conference keynote presentation, covering the past, present and future of delivering extraordinary guest service in hotels and foodservice environments.

Micah travels throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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Micah Solomon is one of the most popular keynote speakers on customer service, the customer experience, customer loyalty, and corporate culture. A bestselling author and hands-on consultant, Micah Solomon specializes in building stellar, profitable customer experiences and customer-centric corporate cultures, as well as helping organizations provide service to customers of all ages, including the new Millennial (Gen-Y) generation of customers.

Keynote Speaker Micah Solomon

Keynote Speaker Micah Solomon

“Micah Solomon has been repeatedly our top-rated speaker. At five events in a row, so far.”

- J.D. Peterson, VP Marketing, Zendesk

Micah Solomon is one of America’s most popular keynote speakers on building bottom line growth through customer service. A bestselling author and hands-on consultant, Micah Solomon specializes in building stellar, profitable customer experiences, company culture, 21st-century marketing, and social (and anti-social!) media.

Micah was recently named the “new guru of customer service excellence” by the Financial Post. His latest business bestseller, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service, as well as his perennial bestseller, Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, (a collaboration with the creators of the modern-day Ritz-Carlton) have won multiple awards. His expertise has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review.

Micah's uniquely inspiring and humorous speeches convey his passion for everything that makes a business great, delivered in his famously relaxed and friendly 21st-century speaking style. Micah is legendary for engaging his audiences through his sincerity, his genuine passion for his clients’ success, and his unique visual presentation style - no stock photos here, just real life examples.

An entrepreneur and business leader himself, Micah used the techniques he speaks about to build his company from a one-man home operation into a market leader in the manufacturing and independent entertainment field—a story well known to readers of FastCompany and Seth Godin’s marketing bestseller Purple Cow. Micah was also an early investor in the Apple-related speech-recognition technology behind Apple’s Siri.