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Bestselling customer service author Micah Solomon has four books in print. They're listed below (most recent book first). Please download the free chapters of your choice.
The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Share Their Secrets

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The Heart of Hospitality is a hospitality management and customer service resource like no other, an essential guide to navigating customer service and consumer trends in the hospitality industry and elsewhere. Created by leading customer service expert Micah Solomon, with a foreword by Ritz-Carlton President/COO Herve Humler and contributions from top professionals in the hospitality industry (restaurateurs Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio, Four Seasons Chairman Isadore Sharp, Virgin Hotels' CEO Raul Leal, and many others), this compulsively readable volume helps you understand and serve guests of all generations, including the newly-prominent millennials, via first-hand stories and closely guarded hospitality secrets from top hotel, restaurant, and other hospitality professionals.
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Micah Solomon is a bestselling author, consultant, and keynote speaker. A thought leader and expert on customer service, company culture, customer experience, innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship, Micah is a regular contributor to

"A spectacularly useful look at what determines success in the hospitality industry, packed with the insights of great leaders and practitioners from our industry, put together by Micah Solomon, one of today's preeminent thought leaders on where hospitality, customer service, and customers themselves are heading."
- Herve Humler, President and COO, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Your Customer Is The Star: How To Make Millennials, Boomers and Everyone Else Love Your Business

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Millennial customers (customers born 1980-2000) are over 80 million strong in the U.S. alone, and they're unlike any customers you've ever had before. Millennials demand nearly-instantaneous and completely intuitive customer support. They reject hackneyed ideas of what "luxury" should mean. They actively search for brands and companies that can bring them authentic experiences that match their values.

Your Customer is the Star is the groundbreaking volume by America's top customer service authority that explains how your customers have changed-and how the customer service and customer experience you provide needs to change as well.

"The Millennial generation has made the customer service landscape more complicated than ever. Micah Solomon is the best and most experienced guy I know to guide you through this landscape, and he does it with humor, customer stories, and data."
- Jonathan Feldman, Contributing Editor, Information Week
High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social Commerce

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In an age of social media, smartphones, self-service, and six-second attention spans, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service throws your business a lifeline. Today's customers are a hard bunch to crack. Time-strapped, screen-addicted, value-savvy, and socially engaged, their expectations are tougher than ever for a business to keep up with. They are empowered like never before and expect businesses to respect that sense of empowerment -lashing out at those that don't.

Take heart: Old-fashioned customer service, fully retooled for today's breakneck pace and digitally connected reality, is what you need to build the kind loyal customer base that allows you to survive and thrive. And High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service spells out surefire strategies for success in a clear, entertaining, and practical way, revealing the inside secrets of wildly successful customer service initiatives and showing how companies of every stripe can turn casual customers into fervent supporters who will spread the word far and wide -online and off.

"Micah Solomon conveys an up-to-the minute and deeply practical take on customer service, business success, and the twin importance of people and technology."
- Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder

"It's hard to imagine an organization with front line employees that won't benefit from the ideas in this book."
- Seth Godin, author of What to Do When It's Your Turn
Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization

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In a tight market, your most powerful growth engine and your best protection from competitive inroads is this: put every thing you can into cultivating true customer loyalty. Loyal customers are less sensitive to price competition, more forgiving of small glitches, and, ultimately, become "walking billboards" who will happily promote your brand.

In Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon reveal the secrets of providing customer service so superior it nearly guarantees loyalty. Filled with detailed, behind-the-scenes examples, the book unlocks a new level of customer relationship that leaves your competitors in the dust, your customers coming back day after day, and your bottom line looking better than it ever has before.

"A must-read for anyone interested in transforming their interactions with clients."
- Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind.

Smiley face Micah Solomon conveys an up to the minute and deeply practical take on customer service, business success, and the twin importance of people and technology. Smiley face
? Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder