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Micah Solomon, President

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Four Aces Inc. and its President, Micah Solomon, offer customer service training, workshops, seminars, webinars (distance learning) and keynote speaking.
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Training topics covered include customer service, the customer experience, company culture, hospitality, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership, patient satisfaction and the patient experience.

Training that's more than training.
A training session with Micah Solomon is both practical and inspiring; it's an event that builds practical skills and knowledge as well as true employee engagement. Attendees learn specific skills, techniques, and processes but are also engaged in new, inspired ways to think about working with customers in support of organizational purpose.
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About Micah
Micah Solomon is a bestselling author, consultant, and keynote speaker. A thought leader and expert on customer service, company culture, customer experience, innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship, Micah is a regular contributor to Contributer

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The Most Popular Training Formats
The most popular ways to have Micah Solomon train your company include:
  • Extended half-day workshop (2–3.5 hours)
  • Full-day workshop (5-6 hours with breaks)
  • “Keynote Speaker” format (45–75 minutes onstage). [Note: a detailed Keynote Speaking page here.]
  • Webinars (distance learning)
  • Custom-designed intensive and extensive training and consulting are also available.

    They'll Learn the Methods of The Best Companies in the World
    In addition to proprietary methodology (see below) developed by Four Aces and Micah Solomon, training is inspired by the collaborators and case studies featured in Micah Solomon’s bestselling books, including
    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
    The Apple Store
    USAA Insurance
    Cleveland Clinic
    Mayo Clinic
    Umpqua Bank

    Exclusive Content You Can't Get Elsewhere
    Customer service training content includes proprietary material developed by and exclusive to Four Aces Inc. and Micah Solomon, including the AWARE™ system for customer service problem resolution, the BUBL™ Method for real-time Five Star service delivery, the Customer-Focus Cultural Approach, and more, as featured in Micah's Forbes content and best selling books.

    Customization is always included
    Micah always customizes his material to your specific audience, business situation, and challenges, based on his broad and detailed knowledge as well as on a briefing session he will hold with you by telephone in the weeks prior to your session.

    Industries trained:
    Clients and industries for which training is offered and has been provided range from top five star hotels (Five Star Forbes-rated and AAA Five Diamond), restaurants, spas, and others in the hospitality industry to retail, healthcare (patient satisfaction/patient experience), nonprofits, B2B and wholesale, government (federal, state, local), education (K-12 and higher education), associations, law firms/the legal industry, and more.

    Optional mystery shopping prior to event:
    As an option, Micah and his firm can informally “mystery shop” your company or organization prior to performing the training. This has two distinct benefits: It allows Micah to provide a confidential whitepaper to Management in the Action Report™ format, offering “quick wins” that can be achieved to improve customer service and the customer experience immediately. Second, it allows Micah to customize his training, workshops, or presentations with more specific material gathered from his visit to your company and his “shopping” of your organization.

    Certifications Provided
    At the end of workshops, participants can optionally be provided with a certification suitable for desk mount or framing, and, optionally, can be included in a Four Aces Inc. database of successful attendees.

    Optional creation of customer service standards and best practices:
    As an optional extra, Four Aces Inc. will draft customer service standards and best practices to suit your specific situation. These will be based on the best practices of top companies in a variety of industries that may be aspirational for you.

    In-depth Customer Service Consulting and Initiatives:
    If you're looking for consulting or other in-depth, transformational assistance, Micah and his company, Four Aces Inc., offer a variety of in-depth engagements (consulting, company-wide initiatives, discreet mystery shopping with Action Report™, professional writing/corporate content creation and thought leadership, workshops, and webinars). For information, visit the consulting section of this site.