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Micah Solomon, President

  • customer service • customer experience • customer engagement • company culture • consumer trends • innovation • hospitality • millennial customers • entrepreneurship

Content Creation, Executive Writing, Ghostwriting (articles and books), Business and Corporate Writing
Business author Micah Solomon offers:
  • Executive content creation (ghostwritten or collaborative)
  • Bylined content creation (articles, ebooks, short-form and full-length books, webinars, training courses)
  • Ghostwriting (articles and books)
  • Platform development
  • Speechwriting and conference prep
  • Executive messaging and social media (C-suite content development)
  • A variety of other corporate writing

  • Subjects of expertise include customer service, customer experience, hospitality and the hospitality industry, leadership, innovation, company culture, culture change, entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, millennials, retail, B2B, consumer trends, patient experience and patient satisfaction in healthcare, and more.
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    About Micah
    Micah Solomon is a bestselling author, consultant, and keynote speaker. A thought leader and expert on customer service, company culture, customer experience, innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship, Micah is a regular contributor to Contributer

    Clients include many names you know by heart.

    Micah’s work is regularly featured (multiple times per week) on and as well as in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and more. He is also the author under his own name of four business books on Amazon.

    If you were looking for other services from Micah Solomon, who is also a keynote speaker, consultant, and a frequent contributor to and, click here for his keynote speaking page; his consulting page; and his general site.

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